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The China Doll

There was once a little girl named Rosy. Her parents bought her an ancient China Doll with no name. Rosy hated the doll, for it was ugly and creepy looking. She stuffed it under her bed before she went to sleep. Rosy was just dozing of when she heard a thumping under her bed, like somebody was knocking underneath it. Rosy looked under her bed, grabbed the doll, and started hitting it with her shoe. The China doll was cracked all the way down the middle of its face. Rosy threw it across the room and ran to her parents’ room, to sleep with them. When she woke up, she went into her room, looking for her shoes. She looked under her bed, and the China Doll was sitting in her boot. Across the side of the boot it said, “How do you like me now?” Rosy chucked the shoes in the bin, and wore her pumps to school. When she got back from school, she went into the living room to watch the TV. She stopped dead in her tracks. The doll was sitting on the sofa, looking in her direction. The crack down its face made it look 10 times more creepy. Beside the doll was a red and white ball. Rosy ran out of the living room when she heard a knock on the door. She opened it, and nobody was there. But on the welcome mat, there was a letter, addressed for her. She picked it up and read it. It said, “Rosy, if I were you, I would run. I’m about to do something very unpleasant.” Rosy thought it was just kids playing a prank on her. She went back to the living room to find the word ‘RUN’ spray painted on the window. Outside, she could see a man, standing at her garden wall, staring through the window at her. She went out to talk to him. She said, “Who are you? What are you doing?” The man in the white mask said, “Did you not read my messages?” Rosy said that she did, and that it was very immature to play tricks on her like that. The man said, “You think this is a game? You think this isn’t real? I’ll show you how real I am.” Rosy stared at him, then went back inside. She went into the kitchen to make a sandwich for herself. She entered the kitchen to find a million balls attached to the ceiling! They all fell on top of her, knocking her unconscious. When she woke up, she was surrounded by black ashes and smoke. The only thing that wasn’t burnt was the China Doll, good as ever. The man in the white mask stood before her, looking down at her sadly. Rosy coughed and stood. Rosy said to him, “Did you do this?!” The man slowly nodded his head. Rosy screamed at him. “WHY?! Where am I supposed to go! Where am I going to live?! Where are my parents?!’ The man quietly whispered, “They’re gone Rosy.” Rosy ran away at full speed, crying her eyes out. Rosy moved to 36 houses, all ending in the same, ashy end. The 37th house, however, was on old mansion on the top of a huge hill. Mad little Rosy sat in the middle of it, chanting, “Please don’t burn down, please don’t burn down.” The man in the white mask appeared. He asked her, “Do you believe me now?” Rosy looked up at him. It took a while for her to get her voice regathered, but finally, in a tiny whisper, she said, “Why me?” The man said, “I only wanted you to like me, Rosy. I only wanted a friend. We could’ve had something together, Rosy. But it’s too late now. I’m going to keep doing this. I’m never gonna stop. I’m going to make you like me, Rosy.” Rosy sprinted away from him, down to the dark basement. She grabbed some rope and tied it around her neck. She tied the other part to the high window handle, and she jumped. The man in the white mask slowly walked down to her. He patted her on the head. “Poor little Rosy.” Then, slowly, gradually, he removed his white mask, to reveal a big face of a China Doll, with a long crack down the middle.

(Sent in by Carly)

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