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The Cellar Thing

It was 11:45pm at night, me and my friend Jay was watching American Pie Naked Mile while I was on his computer playing video games, his house is 157 years old, it used to be a butcher shop. It is two stories tall, and downstairs was a big cellar with a big freezer to keep the meat stuff cool. We heard a weak disturbing voice outside the room, saying softly, “Please… get me out of here, it’s so cold…” Just as I heard that, my heart stopped, we went inside his closet and grabbed a shovel and a baseball bat. We snuck into the darkness, I snuck over to where the voice came from, Jay with his funny humor said, “What the hell are you doing going near the scary voice are you insane?” I looked back and smiled at him and said, “No… just curious.” He walked beside me and we walked halfway down the stairs, there sat the cellar door, metal bars were on the windows. We snuck down to the door, and put our ears against it. We heard a demonic screeching, it was faded. We looked at each other, I stopped breathing, it was heart stopping, Jay said that it is probably just a wild animal, but the back door was locked. We were quiet for like five minutes listening to the demonic thing on the other side, by the sound of it, the thing sounded like it was on the other side of the room. Jay held his breath, after a bit, he took in a deep amount of breath, as he did, the screeching stopped. With our ears next to the door, we heard quiet thumping footsteps going quicker and quicker to the door. We jumped two steps back, clenching the tools tighter ready to swing. We heard the door bang, like it rammed into the door, whatever it was, was on the other side of us. We heard deep breathing against the door, we couldnt move, fear took over our voices and bodies. The door handle starting moving with force, it sounded like it was practicly attacking the door handle. It did it for a minute, then disappeared. Two weeks after that, their dog died, they moved away after.

(Sent in by Docka Macrae)

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