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The candle

I was about 12 when this happened to my friend and I. My friend’s parents went out of town to go to Vegas and my mom said my friend can stay with us and that the kids will be fine. So that night she rode home from school with me and we got to my house. My mom decided I’ll sleep in my room and she’ll sleep on the couch.

About 10 that night, she said we had to go get some stuff from her house, so we went. Believing her house was empty, her and I walked to her house (she lived about a block away). We got there and a weird flickering was in the window. She got scared right away and asked me to go first. So me being the guy, I went first and unlocked the door to report to her it was just a candle. But when we went to look at the candle, it was just recently lit, the wax wasn’t even a liquid yet. She blew it out and proceeded to her room. We walked there and in her room a rocking chair was rocking. She grabbed it and it stopped. Then we heard a voice say, “Get out now!!!” She didn’t grab her stuff, we just ran to the front door. We looked back and there was the candle lit again. This time it was floating in the air. So we screamed and ran out of the house. We got outside and looked in the window, the candle was still lit, and now we could see about seven figures in the house, all looking at us drinking something. We ran home so fast that when we got there, we worried my mom. We told her and she didn’t believe us, so we brought her there and nothing was there, it all was gone.

The next night we went there again at the same time and it was there again and this time my mom saw it. We had some ghost detectives come in and they said the house wasn’t haunted, but my friend and I still have these haunting nightmares about that night.

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