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The Bloody Message

My friend moved into an old manor that was particularly old last summer. It had been used for torturing slaves in the 1800’s, though her parents scoffed at this ‘nonsense’. My friend, Lola, was frightened by the house and extended an invitation for me to sleep over. I gladly came to her new home, expecting some fun scaring Lola out of her wits. But this was no ordinary shadow or cold spot that would scare us that night. We climbed up to the third story of her manor and wanted to draw and talk the night away in the playroom, so we did, at least, until ten o’clock. We were discussing the origins of her house when I decided I would try to freak her out. I asked her if I could use the bathroom and then left the room to retrieve my video tapes with scary noises on them. I started the tape before I came in the room and screamed. Lola ran to see what was wrong as I hid from her. She walked down the hallway nervously when all of a sudden we heard a voice that wasn’t on my video tape. “Come here.” The voice pleaded as she walked down the hall. She froze in place and began to scream as she dropped her flashlight. On the wall, it said “HELP US!” After that we felt hands scraping our legs. I screamed and came bounding down the hall, running to get my bags. Though, all of a sudden, Lola fell to the floor with a thud and was dragged away. I found her the next morning… with bite marks on her face. One final message was written on the wall… “GOODBYE!” Lola has never been the same, she is more negative and… worse, she loves her new home.

(Sent in by Victoria)

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