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The black figure

I had this experience once, I’m not sure if everyone of you would find it scary but I know I did, you see, reading stories is quite different compared to experiencing the real thing itself. So here we go…

It was my 3rd year in college and the ‘rents decided to go on a trip to Thailand, it was almost summer so I decided to tag along, the story didn’t happen in Thailand (vacation was great), it happened by the time we all went home. When we arrived home, I decided to get some Zzz’s since I was having a really bad jet lag/migrane, I wasn’t sure what I was feeling but I felt like crap that time. Anyway, I was already half asleep when someone from the household (I wasn’t sure who it was because my vision was all blurred and smudged) started putting his/her weight on the mattress, he/she wasn’t sitting, the person was just standing there and putting his/her weight on my bed using his/her hands and the irritating part was when I realized that the person was staring at me up close. I know I was really sleepy because I couldn’t make out the figure, all I saw was a black figure and thinking that it was my mom, I verbally shooed her away in a sleepy voice saying, “Mom, what the hell are you doing? I’m sleeping… what the? Oh forget you!” The last thing I remembered was I slept ignoring what I thought was my mom being irritating despite the feeling of the mattress still being pressed down. By the time I woke up, I asked my mom what the hell she was doing in my room standing there and staring at me like a total freak. Her response made me regret I even asked, she said, “Sweetheart, I didn’t step foot in your room, I was asleep the whole time and I just went down to make your dad a sandwich.” I asked my dad if it was him and I got the same answer. That’s when it hit me, black figure. No face. and an undefined shape. It wasn’t human. Thanks for reading.

(Sent in by Chib)

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