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The basement

So this one night I decided to go in my basement. It was storming pretty heavily outside and I have always been terrified to even look down the stairs.

I got a flashlight and a bat and I made my way down the old wooden stairs. Every time I took a step, I could hear the wood creak beneath my feet.

My basement is in sections. There’s two storage rooms, one to the left and one to the right. Then there’s a room that’s locked, no one knows what is in there, and no one dares to try and stomp the door down, afraid of the spirits or demons that could come out. Finally, there’s a long dark hallway. At the end of the hallway is a well. Only my dad and brother have been down there during the daytime. I decided to go during the night.

I made my way down the hallway. I started hearing moaning coming from behind me. I stopped frozen, turned around and shined the flashlight behind me. I swore to this day I saw a creature-like thing, with horns and red eyes, run to the other side of the basement. It was ugliest thing you would have ever seen in your life, a devil sort of creature.

I kept making my way down the hallway, and finally got to the well. I looked in and saw a girl at the bottom. She
was soaking wet, with long tangled black hair and had almost white skin. She had jagged teeth and a nasty evil look on her face. She didn’t walk, she crawled and looked contorted in a way. She moved fast up the well and that’s when I made a run for it. I zoomed across my basement and flew up the stairs and ran all the way to my brother’s room to tell him what had just happened.

My brother and I were the only one’s home so that’s why I went in his room, and to tell him what happened. Right when I was telling him the part about the well, we both heard the basement door open then close, as if someone was coming out of it. then we heard the sound of someone dragging themselves across the floor and some footsteps. We heard; step-draaaaaaaaaag-step-draaaaaaaaaag-step-draaaaaaaaaag. Then, whatever was coming, thumped it’s way up the stairs. The power went out. I was scared to death. After about 30 seconds after the power went out, we heard the bedroom door open, and we saw a shadowy figure walk in. It dragged its way across his room, then it disappeared. The lights came back on and that’s when we saw it. My brother and I saw a girl standing in the corner of his room. The same one from the well. Jagged teeth, black long tangled hair, a ripped white dress on, white pale skin, and blood all over. My brother screamed, too terrified to move, so we both just sat there in shock. My brother never gets scared, so this was a scary moment. I will never forget this day!

(Sent in by Samantha)

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