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The Banshee Field

This is a true story. No lie. There is a field across the road from my house. A few years ago, big, iron bars were put up around the field. The funny thing was, I never seen any builders or anyone putting them up…

One day, my friends and I were just sitting down on the grass when I heard a wailing noise. “Did you hear that?” I asked one of my friends. We began looking around. We kept on hearing it and we began to really freak out. I glanced over at the field with the bars around it. A dark hooded figure with no face was coming closer and closer to us. We all screamed and ran.

We are still unsure why they put up them bars. No one knows. Maybe it was to stop the banshee getting out or innocent people getting in…

To this day, the banshee is still haunting the field and trespassers. No lie.

(Sent in by Ashling)

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