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Tapping on the window

My sister and I were watching a movie in the living room. First, to properly tell the story, I must tell you what my living room looks like. It’s a big room with a couch, a chase lounge, and a small table centered around a T.V. A clear glass door leading to the patio surrounded by four large glass windows, reaching from the floor to the ceiling. It was about midnight, and my sister and I were very tired. I heard a tapping on the window. I was no where near the window, but my sister was very close. “Stop it…” I said, annoyed at her. She said she wasn’t doing anything. But, of course, I didn’t believe her. I heard a tapping noise again, but that time, I was staring straight at her. She truly wasn’t doing anything. I looked at the window and saw this little girl, pale white, with pitch black hair that was long and ratted. Her clothes were ripped and torn, and all you could see were the whites of her eyes. She kept staring at us, tapping the window, and I was scared to death, knowing that she was going to break through the window any second. Her tap was now a pound, and as she banged on the window with both hands clenched in fists, her eyes got wider, and I could make out a huge scar on her face, dripping blood. She let out a horrible scream, and was gone. As her scream faded away, I sat there, staring at that very place she had been. The glass had shattered, and a piece had fallen out. The next day I went out there, and I found the piece that fell out. It was coated with blood.

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