Graveyard Stories

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Dead Time

It is legend that 3 AM is ‘Dead Time’.
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Coughing Blood

There was a soccer player named Jerry, who broke his left foot. It meant that he had to retire from soccer. He was torn.

One day, he went to a graveyard and stopped at the grave of a woman named Sally.
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The laughing girl

When my step-dad was just starting out as a repo-man, he was told to pick up a car that someone had left in a graveyard. As he was driving down the road he noticed raindrops on the windshield, but it was a clear sunny day. Ignoring that, he continued farther into the graveyard. Continue reading »

Lucky escape?

An absolutely true story… 26 years ago, aged 14, myself and two friends, Dave and Ade would dare each other to walk through the local woods separately, to see who could get to the graveyard on the other side first. This was a walk of approximately 20 minutes. Continue reading »

Greedy little boy

This is an old story my Goth babysitter told me when I was eight just to creep me out.

There was a little boy named Jonny. He had two twin brothers, they were twelve, and he had a baby sister, who was only five months old. Jonny was only eight just like I was when I heard this story.
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