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A family consisting of a mother, father and a new born child had moved from a small town house into a large house in the middle of the countryside. On their first night the mother, Sally-Ann, declared she felt uncomfortable in her new home. However the father, Nathan, reassured her it was because it was so different from their previous home. Sally-Ann who agreed that that was probably right, so she slept the night comforted by her husbands words.

Halfway through the night her husband got up to tend to the crying baby, they had been at the house a week now, and so far they were getting on just fine with the new surroundings. As he was rocking the baby and singing softly, he felt a icy draft around his feet. He glanced down, but there was nothing there, so he quickly brushed it off as an air vent blowing the cold air around the room.

Three weeks later, Sally-Ann was pegging out washing, and the baby named, Polly, was kicking her legs happily on a blanket close to Sally-Ann. She felt a hand tap her on the shoulder and she spun round expecting to see Nathan stood there, but much to her surprise there was an empty space. She turned back to her washing only to be tapped again more firmly this time. Impatiently she turned around thinking Nathan was playing a joke on her. However she felt a sharp hit across the face as if someone had slapped her. But no-one was there. She clutched her throbbing cheek, close to tears and ran into the house, forgetting all about Polly still in the garden.

Crying, she ran up to Nathan and explained what had happened. He didn’t believe her, although he felt the icy blast he thought it was the house. Giving Sally-Ann a pat he said she would be fine. Just as he turned away he asked her where Polly was. “In the garden.” she replied. He looked intensely shocked. Sally-Ann quickly realised that she shouldn’t have left her baby in the garden alone, even though it was the countryside people still roamed about near the house and had full view of the garden. Sally-Ann raced outside and to the blanket Polly had been laying on. However there was no Polly, just a smear of blood and a baby grow she had been wearing just minutes before. Sally-Ann saw a piece of paper, addressed to her personally. She unfolded it, it said: THANK YOU.

That was it, Sally-Ann broke down, crying and screaming. Nathan came into the garden and saw Sally-Ann sat down clutching Polly’s baby grow and sobbing uncontrollably. He also saw there was no baby, he blamed Sally-Ann saying if she hadn’t ran from the garden their baby would still be here.

Suddenly Sally-Ann felt a sensation, like someone was pulling her. Weakly, she tried to restrain against the force but it was to mighty. She was pulled into the house and to the top floor of their three story house. Into the attic. The highest floor. The window opened on its own and Sally-Ann found herself stood on the window sill, looking out over the green fields and meadows. But then there was a pushing feeling in the small of her back and she was toppling out of the window. As she span to the ground she caught a glimpse of a woman’s face, dripping with blood with long black greasy hair in a white nightie. She was laughing uncontrollably and next to her was Nathan. Nathan looked to the side and screamed at the side of the woman, she cackled and snapped his neck quickly and sent him spinning down after Sally-Ann.

They landed heavily on the grounded below and died instantly. The woman brushed her hands off and let out a howl of laughter. How dare they take her house. She might be dead, but she was not gone. Oh no. She was very much there. So don’t move into a large house in the country because you never know, this woman may be there, ready to get rid of you in a grisly, gruesome way.

(Sent in by Chloe)

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