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Story on a thing I never acknowledged

I would like to relate upon a mysterious encounter I had at a parking lot near catering hall a few years ago. It is very fresh in my mind. It was one of those moonless nights, and the lot bordered a forest-like park. Myself and two fellows, Jack and Arnold, waiting for our wives. I was residing on a part of the frame of the catering hall exit, when Arny came up, his face as white as my mother’s silk handkerchief. “Lewis! Thank God I found you! There’s a fiendish thing under the willow!” Now let me explain the willow. It was one which grew in front of the border by an accident, and it was in the shady area. Jack came like a bellowing wilderbeast. “There’s a bloody ghost under the willow! Let us make an escape while we can!” He shouted. I, the more calm of the lot, said, “Well, I will investigate on the matter, while you all stand whimpering, like puppies in the night.” And with that speech and well constructed insult, I left for the willow.

There was a fellow in black at the willow. I thought he was a hobo. “Hey, you bloody swine! Get off the lot!” The cloak was very, very silent. An unearthly tingling began in my body, and the creature hissed and said, “Do nott darre to speeek to me in diz waih!” IT turned toward me, lightly floating. “He he he he hee!” it laughed. I made for the car. “Run!” I shouted. We got into one car, leaving two for the wives and their brother. Thankfully, we never saw it again, after speeding out the lot.

We swore never to tell our families, cause they would probably think that we’ve gone barmy, or nuts, as us Englishmen say. But since you are none of my kin, I shall reveal upon you the more frightening fact. The wood beyond was once owned by Bloody Mary, and one of her favorite spots. There were hundreds of sightings there of a cloaked thing roaming the woods. That was the most scary. That fiend would have killed me! That is the story I would like to present in all truths.

(Sent in by Lewis Wolfe)

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