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I know what makes you chill as you lie in your bed.
I am the scary picture in the back of your head,
I am the creepy shadow in the back of your car,
I always know what you’re thinking and I know where you are,
As you’re swimming in a pool, I am waiting underwater,
I sometimes disguise myself as your oldest daughter,
I’m the breathing in your closet just waiting for the kill,
When you’re watching a scary movie I am the one the gives you a thrill,
I follow you to the store and when you go to the mall,
I am the creepy voice when you have one missed call,
And as you’re reading this poem I think you should know,
That I am also the one looking at you through your window.

Sweet dreams.

(Sent in by Todd)

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4 Responses to “Stalker”

  1. That make me look through my window….

  2. Wow,Todd,That was a very wonderful poem C:
    I love it!

  3. i actually cried checked my windows and locked them

  4. if there was a window when i was reading this i would have believed it

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