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Spooky Spook In Connecticut

It was a very warm day in early March. I was outside on my swing set (I am 14) having a good time, enjoying the warm sun on my cheeks coming through the trees. I was smiling, and I closed my eyes, imagining that I could fly. I put my head high up, being happier than I had been in a while. (I am not depressed, I was just extremely happy.) I decided to take my shoes off, so I stopped swinging, and when I opened my eyes to untie my sneakers. When I looked up, there, 4 feet in front of me, a girl was standing in the woods, on my property! I almost fell off the swing! At first I just thought I was just imagining things, so I ignored it and started swinging again. I looked towards the woods and there she was again, walking closer and closer. I kept swinging, but looking at the girl. (She looked about my age.) Then, she came up to the swing next to me and sat on it then started swinging her feet, still looking at me. “Um, hi. What are you doing on my prop-” she cut me off by screaming so loudly. More like a painful nails on chalkboard screech. I jumped up and ran to the hill in the woods across my yard. I hid behind it and all of a sudden, I heard: “Gabriella… where are you?” I didn’t recognize the voice but I recognized my name. I peeked over and there she was, the mystery girl standing right in front of the hill. I ran again and she chased me. She grasped my arm but all I felt was an icy cold feeling on my wrist despite the 75 degree weather. I looked back and the girl was GONE! I have seen her around since then, but I have never had a ghost do exactly what she did.

(Sent in by Gabriella)

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