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Silence within a tree

Annabella walked down the small, hay-covered path. Her mom was just in eye-sight distance. She kept on staring back to make sure her mom left. All she was going to do was eat her lunch she packed then go back to her mom. She finally ran to the small wooden oak tree that was at the end of the path. She laid her red blanket out and sat on it. She unfolded the paper bag and pulled out her lunch. She began to eat, when she heard a weird bird chirp. It wasn’t any of the normal ones. Not a sparrow nor a crow. She looked around, when she spotted a small owl perched on a small branch above her. She smiled. The owl dropped a small, rolled up piece of paper tied together with a red satin string. She pulled the string off and unrolled the note. She slowly read the note. “Hello. These will be the last words you read.” She panicked and grabbed her lunch. The owl hooted. With her lunch in her hang, Annabella was knocked out dead by a large fallen branch. The owl picked up the string and tied one strand of her hair to the branch. The owl took the paper and slit a paper cut in her lip. In the mist of the silence, the owl slowly morphed into a misty-like figure. It slowly absorbed Annabella’s blood while her hair was still tied to the branch. Once finished, it grabbed the branch, her lifeless body flowing in the hot, humid summer breeze. Nine days later her mother found out of the horrid murder. She grieved. More and more. She longed for her baby girls killer to be brought to justice. She waited. Waited. One day her mother, Trisha, took to her daughter’s bedroom. She pulled a thread off her daughters satin blanket, she wrapped it around a rope, and hung herself. The family of Annabella Isalms was never heard from again…

(Sent in by… Isabella)

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  1. Very creepy story, very nice. I’ll be freaked out if I see an owl with a note on its leg now.

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