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Scratchy Monster

Once there was a little girl named Mary. She and her family was moving to a new house. She didn’t like moving, but she had to. After they had moved in, it was night time, and it was time for Mary’s bedtime, Mary searched for her hairbrush. She opened her closet, and dust flew. Mary coughed hard, and ran to her parent’s room. “Mommy? Daddy? I can’t find my hairbrush.” Mary said. Mary’s dad got up from bed, and helped Mary find her hairbrush.

That night, when Mary was sound asleep, she woke up to a scratching sound. Mary thought it was just the tree outside. The scratching kept going on, and Mary couldn’t sleep. The next morning, Mary woke up scared. Her eyes were red. At breakfast, Mary told her mom to make pancakes. Her mom said, “What kind of syrup?” “Honey!” Mary yelped. She ran to the attic cabinet and opened up the syrup box. Then she heard the scratching sound AGAIN! Mary shook. “Syrup…” A troll-ish voice whispered to her. “Who’s there?” Mary asked. “SYRUP!” The voice yelled. Mary threw syrup all over the attic and took one more syrup container and ran downstairs. “Mommy, daddy, there is someone in the house!” Mary yelled, shocked. “No one is here, darling.” Her dad smiled. Her mom served breakfast. “Let’s eat now!” Mary’s mom laughed.

When they were finished, Mary’s dad went out and Mary and her mom stayed home. Mary’s mom was doing the laundry outside, and Mary was taking a look at the attic. She heard breathing, and scratching sounds. Mary got scared and ran downstairs. She went to her room, and opened her large closet, and there it was… it was a greenish/yellowish slimy monster growling for honey and syrup. It grabbed Mary into the closet and Mary screamed, but her mom didn’t hear her.

Mary’s parents were looking for Mary and Mary’s mom became mental for Mary. Maybe you’re next!

(Sent in by Addyila)

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