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Scary story

It was in the 6th grade, that me and 3 friends discovered something very disturbing. Our stage, at school, in the gym, was all of the sudden threatening and menacing. We heard odd thumps, saw ghostly hands, some dripping blood, and saw evil red eyes. The lights would flicker on and off. Often, we saw mists and shadows, unexplained. The odd thing is that we would see them if we were only alone, so everyone else thought we were crazy. But at recess, we discovered even further creepy things. An old, abandoned house at the edge of the property was all of the sudden acting strange. The left window would go black and then red in the blink of the eye. We saw several figures, an old man, a young woman and one other one, I forget. We saw the door creak open and close, my friend saw a body on the picnic table. This still continues to haunt us.

(Sent in by Sarah)

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  1. that was …………. AWSOME loved it o i am new how do you make stories on the web sight

  2. juliet the great, just send it in via the contact page.

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