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Scary Honeymoon

One afternoon a girl was riding her horse and she was frightened by a strange sound. She turned her horse around and right there in front of her was a black dog. It had one ear, red glowing eyes, and a short stubby tail. It spooked the horse and the horse turned around and ran off with the girl. The dog soon found them again and they were feeling watched… soon they took a path and found the horrible beast standing in front of them again. It charged towards them but it didn’t hurt her, it hurt the horse. It scratched the horse’s front legs. The horse charged back home and on the way a ghostly figure ran right in front of them. It was too fast to see everything. All the girl saw was its red shirt and white shorts and boots. She soon got home and looked up any deaths around her area and found the identical match to her ghostly figure. As she laid in bed, the girl heard scratching on the door. She got up and looked out but nothing was there! She turned around and her cat jumped out and frightened her. She shut the door and locked it! She then went and laid back in bed. She closed her eyes for a minute and felt something brush up against her arm. She opened her eyes and saw the blood red eyes of the black dog. The neighbors soon heard the scream and they ran over to see what had happened. They found the door to be locked, so they started to walk away to call for help, but at their first step the door opened. They ran in and found the girl laying dead on her bed with the words “I’m back!” scratched on her chest.

(Sent in by Jennifer)

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