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Scary Head Guy

When I was little I would have really bad ear aches and when I’m sick, I always have extremely weird dreams that are just plain freaky. There was this one dream where I was at school with my friends. For some reason there was a telephone in the middle of the sandpit, it was ringing and me and my friend answered it. I can’t really remember what it said but I know that it was a really scary voice on the other end just telling me to go somewhere and that it had my parents. I was only in primary school then and it was really scary. Then for some reason I was being chased through the whole town by this head that was in like a fish bowl connected to all these wires. It was seriously the worst dream that I have ever had. It doesn’t sound very scary here but when you’re 8 and in the middle of the night wake up screaming for your parents it is very freaky. The worst thing was that after my mum had comforted me and I went back to bed I had another dream, I’m at my nans house and she calls out to me and I turn around to see her and the head is back just staring at me with my nan is dead beside it. The next month my nan died. Seriously it was the most freakiest thing ever!

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