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Scary Face in Bedsheets

Scary FaceIt was May 13, 2011 (Friday the 13th) and when I woke up in the morning, instead of just folding my bed sheet, I threw it in the corner of my ottoman and dresser. That night my husband comes into the room and notices the strange shape that the sheet had formed – we were totally freaked out and took pictures with our cell phones and forwarded it all our friends and they were freaked out as well. We have a 3-year-old son that was horrified by it and kept calling it “The man in mommy’s bedroom” so needless to say, the sheet has now been flattened out and put away. But whenever we see that picture of the sheet, we are reminded of that night!

I’ve gotten some different interpretations of what it looks like to other people –

1. Mother Theresa
2. A Lion
3. The Witch from Snow White
4. An old man with a hood on

(Sent in by Mary)

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