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Scary doll

I was going to my friends house (Ashley) and we went in her room. This happened when I was 15. Ashley and I went in and I saw a doll. I asked Ashley why she had a doll because she was 15. She replied that it was for memories. She said it was creepy because it sounded like it was talking and she said she swears she saw the doll move places when she would turn around. I asked Ashley if I could spend the night over and she said yes. Later it become dark, and Ashley and I were all ready for bed. When we were getting in bed we heard some talking, and her parents were also gone. Ashley freaked out and thought that it was the doll. I told her to go to sleep and that she was probably imagining it. Later on she wanted to move the doll away from her bed, so she put the doll on her chair that was far away from her bed. When she turned around to ask me a question, the doll moved from her back and went to the window. Ashley freaked and I also did. After that insane night Ashley moved and did not take that possessed doll with her.

(Sent in by Taylor)

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