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A few weeks ago, I had a terrible nightmare. There was a girl with long brown hair in a pony tail, with bangs. For some reason, I was the girl in the dream. My parents were crazy and tried to suffocate me, while pinning me to a wall by putting nails through my hands, which left a huge, round scar in the center of each of my palms. I was then put in a foster home with two lovely parents and a four-year old daughter. Their house was at the beginning of the woods, but there was a trail from the yard, which led to their pool, which was deeper into the woods.

One day, my new sister and I decided to go swimming. We were having so much fun until I felt a horrible pain in both my hands. I held onto the diving board with one hand while I looked at my other. Huge, terrible scars were crawling their way up my arms, down my legs, and all over my body. They were all growing from the original one on my palm. That’s when I realized it was the one-year anniversary of my parents trying to kill me. Pain launched through my body. My sister ran towards the house to get me help. The pain got so bad that I could feel it, literally. That’s when my nightmare ended, and I woke up frightened. I’ve dreamed about that same girl before. Several times. Maybe it’s just a dream, or maybe someone needs my help.

(Sent in by Kana)

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