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Satan’s Message

There was a a boy called Alex and he had a dog. Often at night when he was scared he put his hand under his bed and his dog would lick his hand and this made him feel better and not frightened. One night Alex heard water dripping, so he went to the bathroom to check if it was the wash basin and it wasn’t, he went downstairs to check if it was the sink it wasn’t that either. He decided to go back to bed and the sound of the dripping stopped, after some time the dripping sound started again, so he put his hands under his bed and his hands were licked, but the noise was increasing, he got up and opened his cupboard, and there he saw his dog hanged by a chain dripping with blood and with the blood it was written on the cupboard, “The devil can also lick your hands under your bed.”

(Sent in by Greytree)

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