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Room #549: Mision Guanajuato

In Guanajuato, Mexico, there is an old hotel which people say is haunted. It isn’t the whole hotel that is haunted, it’s just one room: #549. It is said that one room is haunted by the ghost of a little boy. He was living in that hotel, with his father, in the time of the Independence War. They were a poor family, so they lived in room #549.

One day, the father went out to do his work around the hotel like always. It just so happened that the father was working at the hotel in exchange for a room to stay in. Anyways, the boy was left alone to play. He was never let out of the room, in fear of death and losing him worried his father. So, the child played, but never heard the screams that were going on outside. Two Spanish refugees had come into the hotel with loaded guns, shooting whoever came within their sight. Soon, they had killed all the people inhabiting the rooms from #1 to #548. The last one was room #549. They knocked the door down with the butts of their guns, then grabbed the boy by his shirt and carried him down to the lobby. The father of the boy was being guarded by three refugees, all of which had been told he was to be taken to be a soldier of the Spanish and that he shouldn’t be killed. They killed the boy in front of the father by hitting his neck with the butts of their guns until his head came off. And that is how he died.

Now, the boy haunts room #549, waiting until his father comes back. It is said that whoever comes to sleep in room 549 is found dead in the morning, with their head off and a gun found by the head (however, the room hasn’t been used by the hotel for 200 years). Another part of the legend says that if you knock on the door at 1:30 am. (when the boy was killed) a little boy’s voice should say, “Daddy? Have you come back to play with me and my toys?” and then he will open the door and a ghost will try to pull you into the room, then kill you in your sleep.

By: Graciela

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