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Red Rum

There was once a young woman whose husband had just died, and this poor woman was absolutely heartbroken by the loss of her one great love.

The funeral service was just like any other, with the sombre atmosphere, the preaching priest, and the sobbing family members.

After the service, a person comes up to the woman and asks her if she would like some red rum. She refuses, being one of those people who just never drinks. After the service, she goes home a real mess.

When she gets home, she opens the refrigerator, thinking that a small snack will help take her mind off of things at the moment. When she opens the refrigerator, she finds at the front, a large bottle of red rum. She thinks nothing of it, coming to the conclusion that her late husband must have left it there, and she goes up to take a shower.

When she opens the shower curtain, she finds a painting of a bottle of red rum that is of course painted in red. She shrieks and feels the painting; she shudders as she realizes that the picture is painted in blood. She walks out and glances at a wall, yet again, a message is painted on the wall. The message reads “Red Rum Saw Ti”, now the woman is very scared, and she looks at her reflection in the mirror, and she is a mess, she then sees the message in the mirror, which now reads “It was murder”, in the light she sees a human hand holding a knife, there is a scream, and the story ends there.

(Sent in by Jack)

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