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Real Ghost?

Real Ghost

In May last year, youngster Conor Bond took this photo whilst attending a wedding at an ancient Scottish castle.

Tulloch Castle in Dingwall, Scotland is reportedly well known for paranormal activity. A ghost called the ‘Green Lady’ is said to have been seen on numerous occasions.

Conor’s father Mike told The Sun newspaper: “We were at this wedding and Connor was walking around taking loads of photos. I think he took about 200 in total.

Real Ghost Close Up

“After we loaded them up on to the computer we were looking through them and were just stopped in our tracks by this one shot.

“You can clearly see this ghostly figure on the staircase.

“You can see a hand on the banister and what appears to be a white mist around it.

“Being a skeptical person I thought Connor had done something to the picture but he says not and I believe him.”

He added: “I just don’t see what else it could be – it’s a digital camera so you can’t accidentally double expose the shot and Connor swears there was no one around at the time.

“It’s a mystery.”

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