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One day I was by the creek at about 7:00 to 10:00 pm at night with about 7 others and we were playing hide-and-seek 4 against 4. I was alone with my friend Clayton and we saw red bloody tracks… well… we didn’t follow them because… who would! We got all 7 and me which is 8, of course, so we followed the tracks and they ended at an old dumb house that has flickering lights all the time. We headed back to my house and we saw like 10 deer getting devoured by a bloody animal we were like… umm… ya… we should get going now. It was disgusting, but we made it through… so we took the really long way back and it was about midnight now and we heard a car go off but we didn’t care. Then we had to suddenly stop because we saw like 80 red eyes which were bats! We hid – they went passed and we saw the wolf/deer eating/creature/thing eating bats, there were a couple, so we ran, and the more we ran, the closer we got. Also 5 minutes later we noticed the person who was hiding that we were supposed to find, so we got called back and never found him to this day, poor Tommy, poor Tommy. We think it was the wolves that ate him, but I don’t know if they were wolves, so that’s all… the end I guess… (for Tommy!)

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