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Pretty doll

One day my mom was really sick and had to go to the hospital. My dad called my babysitter and asked if she would stay over night cause my dad had to take my mom to the hospital. They left, we were watching T.V and I asked her what she was reading? She said a book on witchcraft. I said what’s that? She said like spells. So I said can we do one? She said sure. So I said can I pick one? She said sure. Back then I loved dolls and that’s the only word I knew how to spell, so I saw one with the word doll in it and I said, “This one, this one!” She said some stupid words and then I went to bed (by the way I had three shelves of Parsley dolls in my room). So I woke up the next morning I had scratches all over my back and only one doll was on the floor…The end.

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