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Paranormal Activity

Once I was in my house all alone. My parents were out. While I was at my home all alone, I decided to watch a comedy flick. I was sitting enjoying the movie when I heard some noises from the kitchen. I was not scared but got up to have a look. There I saw the bowl of milk on the floor. I wasn’t too surprised to see this, so ignored it and went back to watch my movie.

Some minutes later I felt someone pass by from the back of me. I was now a little bit scared. I stood up to see what happened. Then voices started coming from my room. I went to my room. and in there what I saw was terrible. There was someone in the mirror and that thing (whatever it was) was calling me. I heard a piercing shriek and then the doorbell rang. It was my parents. The thing vanished…

(Sent in by Veronica)

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