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Owls, the original night guards. They were created to keep watch during the wee hours of the morning while the sun was on break. Think about them for a moment. The big eyes, taking in everything, the neck, swiveling to keep it’s charges in view, the wings to follow you wherever you go, and the way owls only show up at night, the prowling time of rapists and murders. They hear your whispered confessions to God, see the dirty secrets you try your hardest to keep. Owls are perceptive, you can’t hide anything from them. They know everything about you. The only flaw is owls love to spill your secrets. Not only yours but your friends’, your loved ones’, your enemies’. Now that you have this knowledge, the next time an owl inquires into the night, “Who, who?”, you may be tempted to call out a name, learn their secrets, for, after all, owls love to gossip. Don’t do it. Why? Because, owls are simple creatures, they have no conscience, no sense of guilt, no way to avenge the innocent. But you do. And next thing you know, someone will call out YOUR name to a talkative owl begging to be listened to, and boy, will that owl have dark secrets to spill.

(Sent in by Nicoleen)

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