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Ordinary day

It started off an ordinary day. I was using my laptop to read ghost stories when I started to hear little girls giggle in my room! I was a little scared but I went on with the stories. Then I heard a thump! I turned around and looked in my closet and there was something staring at me. Everything got FREEZING cold and the ghost left! I ran out screaming!

This was not the only time it happened or the only time I ran into ghosts! One time was really strange. I was used to seeing ghosts by now! A ghost appeared when I was home alone! I was eating a sandwich and I looked over my shoulder and there was an old man, probably in his 60’s, standing right there! I could have sworn I saw him before! He looked all blurry!

He started to cry, so I asked him if he was o.k! (Remember, I was used to seeing ghosts by now, so I was not scared.) He replied with a, “Yes, now I am!” Then he disappeared!

I found history on my house and yes… people have died here!

To really freak you out… there is a man I don’t know watching me right now! He is right next to me! TRUE STORY!!!

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