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Old lady

I used to have a really old house and it used to be used by old people, and coincidentally, I was next door to a retirement home. Well I had a weird dream one night about old people dying in my house. I woke up sweating and then I heard my name outside my room. I got curious and I went outside my room and saw the kitchen lights dimmed, which was weird because the lights can’t be dimmed. I looked in the kitchen and I saw an old woman sitting on the counter looking at me as if expecting me. A tear started forming in her eye and then she took a knife and threw it at me. She got me but with the wrong side of the knife. I fell on the couch and then I woke up. But the scary part was, I woke up on the couch and then my mom asked me if I was playing with a knife last night because there was one on the floor near the kitchen entrance.

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3 Responses to “Old lady”

  1. This story was really freaky.

  2. thats scary just to imagine an old lady throwng a knife at u!!

  3. ohh my god just thinking of the old woman throwing a knife at u

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