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Officer’s ghost

This story was made popular after the military junta period in Greece, which was the period during which the military dictatorship had taken over the politics of the country.

So, during this period, in a camp at Creta island, an officer would hide in the bushes near the camp’s entrance and jump when a patrol was nearby, scaring the soldiers and keeping them on high alert. But when a newly-recruited soldier, who didn’t know about the officer, passed nearby, and the officer jumped as always, the soldier panicked and fired his gun straight at him. Unfortunately for the officer, the gun was fully loaded and it didn’t have a safe mechanism to block unintentional firing, so he instantly died. From that day on, at this camp, there have been several incidents which suggest that the officer’s ghost continues his job. Several soldiers have reported that at night they were attacked by a man in uniform and they had all run away from the site. Only a group of three soldiers once stood there to see what this thing was and they saw the man in uniform to fade out as if he was a ghost, saluting them in a military fashion while fading.

(Sent in by Kapoios)

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