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I had two nightmares in one night. The first one was just really weird. I thought it was real because I actually dreamed that I was in bed. My dream self was awake and actually fantasizing about this boy I like. It’s really freaky to dream that you’re in bed fantasizing about somebody. It was so vivid. Everything was in its exact place. My bed, my chair, my posters, even my cell phone was laying on my dresser exactly where I put it. That’s just weird, because, keep in mind, this is a dream! So my dream self stopped fantasizing and looked in the doorway and saw a dark shadowy figure with glowing red eyes just staring intensely at me. It was the most evil stare ever. So my dream self pulls her blanket over her head and shuts her eyes (my real self would’ve screamed) and then I woke up. I was very confused. I was thinking where’s the monster? And how did it get to be daylight so quick? That’s what happens when you dream that you’re in bed. It was confusing and scary.

(Sent in by Jhamila)

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