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This is a nightmare I had several months ago, and it’s still as vivid in my mind as it has ever been.

In the dream I was standing in an incredibly cramped kitchen, like the kind of kitchen that’s in a kind of expensive caravan. Crowded around one of the benches were a group of strangers, all dressed sombrely and as far as I could tell, all of them were adult males. The bench had an in-built sink in it, but in front of the sink was another hole, slightly smaller than the sink. It had no metal inside of it, it was just like a chunk dug out of the wooden bench. It was filled with murky water that swirled slightly, and I approached it so that I was standing in the middle of the strangers. No one said anything, but I knew what I was there for. The strangers were waiting for me to recite a spell that would summon Satan. (I’d like to note here, I don’t believe in any kind of god, and I certainly don’t believe in Satan.) I wasn’t unwilling to recite the spell, I just felt like, “Oh, why not? I might as well.” And so I did so willingly. After I had spoken (I’ve no idea what I actually said, I believe it was some kind of chant.) there was silence for a moment while we all waited. Then, a bloody corpse appeared in the murky water. It was roughly the size and shape of a human child, no older than two years old. It had no skin, and its limbs had been cut off at the elbows and knees. It had no facial features remaining. Again, no one had to speak, but I knew that it was a message from Satan. He had refused to come to us, and he had sent us this thing as a sign, to let us know that we would pay. As I watched in horror, the corpse began to sit up slowly, and rise out of the water – I woke up at that moment.

(Sent in by Sarah)

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