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Never look back

It was a late night after prom, my friends and I decided to go out instead of going straight home. Everything started out great except that there was nothing to do. So one of my friends said for everyone to just go home since it was getting late and that we had to get up early the next day for our dance practice. So then after that we all went our separate ways but then one of my friends decided that she was going to stay with me that night and of course I said yes. So we told all of our other friends that since there was the two of us then we will be fine just walking home. It was about two in the morning and I didn’t really live that far. As we were walking I noticed footsteps behind us and turned around, but then there was no one there. My friend looked at me and said you know you should never look back. I asked her why and she said if you want to know then bend over and look under your legs so I did and there behind me was the scariest thing I have ever seen before. It was a ghost wearing a white night gown with her hair down and her face all bloody and she was just standing there holding on to my hair laughing and following us home! Argh… I am so scared now to walk anywhere in the dark. Even if it is to the bathroom, I wait until the morning comes in order to walk out of my room… so my advice to you is to never walk alone in the dark and if you feel like there is someone behind you… chances is that there just might be, so be careful…

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