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My worst nightmare

Ok, so let me put it this way, I hate ghosts.

One night, I went to my friend’s Lorena’s house and it was really cool. So her Mom went to some party and got us a stupid baby-sitter. It was night time and me and Lorena went to sleep, but before we did, she closed the door. It was the midnight and Lorena started screaming like crazy. She started shouting, “Leave me alone, leave me alone!” So I looked over to where she was and this ghostly figure was looking right at her. I quietly got up and turned on the lights. When I went to over to Lorena she looked really scared, so I hugged her and she started crying to me. I asked how long she’s been seeing this ghost and all she said was, “You’re next.” So I ran and told the baby-sitter Sophia what happened. She called Lorena’s Mom and told her. Lorena’s Mom said that her ex-husband died in that house from cancer. So all I did was go home. Now, every night, I see this man next to my bed. Maybe you’re next…

(Sent in by Alyssa)

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