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My House

Okay, not much of a scary story but whatever. So my house is like old from like the 80’s, I guess maybe older. Though it doesn’t look that old. Anyway tons of weird things have happened in my house like we’ll take pictures and there’s orbs or my sister saw this man in a suit standing at the end of her bed clutching her bed like he was mad and she felt like she was being lifted for a sec then put back down and fell asleep. Also there’s always a knock on the door everyday at a certain time and sometimes we’ll hear voices and I always have this strange feeling when I go into my parents room or when I’m in my closet or by my window. I used to be scared of my window at night, I would run when I’m in front of it because I felt like I had to take precautions like someone was outside looking in. There was even this one photo we took at Christmas and there was a figure of a person standing in my sisters doorway in the background. We’ll also get like thumps or knocks or creaks all over the house. I don’t notice it much anymore but I’m aware of it. Another time when we thought someone was outside the house cause my sister saw a white thing run by the window which turned out to be a rabbit. My dad’s chair had been turned around when we figured out it was a rabbit and my dad usually keeps his chair turned toward the desk not the other way around. Both me and my dad both experienced our cups moving an inch. I swear this is all true, no lies whatsoever.

(Sent in by Jaylynn)

Photos below showing Orbs that appeared in Jaylynn’s house.


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  1. I cant really see the pics…

  2. Click on them and they enlargen

  3. to Jaylynn are you sure i’s not the camera

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