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My Grandmother’s House

When I spend the night at my grandmother’s house, I hear stories about her house being haunted, so I decided to take my DSI and see if I could see an orb or ghost, and I did, it was so scary, because my cousin that also lives there, has a picture of herself hanging on the wall, and in the morning, I would wake up and see the glass from the picture frame on the fireplace and on the picture behind the computer desk. Scary right anyway.

Another time we woke up and saw the glass on the fire place and the picture behind the computer desk then there was a scratch on it like someone scraped there nail on it. Freaky!

One time my aunt that lives with my grandmother also saw a lady with long black hair and a white glowing dress. My grandmother also saw her. she stays in the hallway next to a room. My aunt went to go over to her boyfriend’s house and she also heard banging in my grandmother’s room.

Please comment if you think there is a ghost in my grandma’s house. Thanks for your support.

(Sent in by Brooke)

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