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Motion Detectors

I moved into a house in Germany about a year ago and now my parents trusted me enough to leave me home alone when they went out. Well, in the States I was fine with it, but over here, Germans always walk out all late and there are all these stories about ghosts in old castles and stuff. So me being the “just in case” kinda person, I got out my bat, and I had just bought a SuperSpy Motion Detector set. It came along with 3 motion detectors, and a thing that had its own light that beeped whenever it sensed something. Well, I had my bat at my side, and I was sitting in my room, writing poems. I set up a motion detector downstairs near the front door, one at the foot of the first flight of stairs, hidden by a magazine, and one on the second flight of stairs going up to my parents room on the third floor. Well I was sitting there, writing a poem, when I saw a light flashing. I looked and it was number 3. I freaked out because there was something moving in the house, and yet, number 3 was closest to my room. I went and locked my door. Then I hit reset, and waited. Then number 2 went off, and number 1 following after. I hit reset again. I was now chewing on my lip. Then, I heard like a small crash. I was really freaking out. Number 1, number 2 and then number 3 all went off, one after another. Curiosity got the best of me, so I unlocked my door, then hit reset. Number 3 flashed, so it was near my room. I opened my door slowly with my aluminum bat in my right hand, getting ready to swing. Of course I had the suckiest door and it always creaks, and I wasn’t sure if the motion detector going off or the door was more creepier at the moment. I went to where motion detector 3 was and there was nobody there. I ran back in my room and locked my door. I called my mom and when I was talking to her all of a sudden the phone clicked dead. I was so scared. I finally went to bed, but I had my bat in my right hand and I slept with my light on, since I’m scared of the dark anyways. I woke up, and there was powder all over my door. I told my friends at school and they said I was weird… but I know the truth.

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