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Molly Dolly

A 16 year old girl gets a phone call from her dad. “Come to the hospital as fast as you can.” he said. She arrived at the hospital, and found her grandmother in the hospital bed. The girl knelt down to hear the whisper of her dying grandma. “Take this doll, it is very dangerous.” The grandma dies and crying the girl walks into her house. “I’m too old for dolls now.” The girl said, and put the doll on the shelf facing the wall. She goes to sleep and wakes up to, “Tick tock, tick tock, Molly Dolly wants to play.” She gets up and goes to the hallway to see if her brother had been playing a trick on her. No one was in the hallway, and everyone was fast asleep in their beds. She comes back in her room, and looks at the doll. The doll was facing toward her. She turns the doll back around goes to sleep. She wakes up again to, “Tick tock, tick tock, Molly Dolly wants to play… NOW.” Once again, the doll is facing toward her, and she turns it around. She goes back to sleep and wakes up to, “Tick tock, tick tock, I’m gonna kill your family.” She turns the doll back around one more time, and falls back to sleep. She wakes up, and the doll is turned toward her, with a BIGGER, SCARIER, smile on her face. The girl notices that everyone in the house is dead, not including her. She rushes to the kitchen, with the doll in her hand. She puts the doll on the kitchen counter, and runs to get two things, a knife, and a jackhammer. She first uses the knife. The girl takes the knife and slams it on the doll’s head. Nothing happens for a while, but then the head pops off. Spiders come crawling out of the head. She then cuts the doll’s throat, and the doll screams at a VERY high pitched scream. Then, the girl takes the
jackhammer and slams it into the doll’s heart. The doll suddenly stops screaming. Then, she slams the jackhammer against the fingers and toes of the doll, and they pop off, blood streaming from the fingers and toes. She tosses the doll in the garbage, and goes back to sleep. She wakes up to an aching pain in her head. Then, her throat was stabbed with something she could not see. Soon after, her heart was stabbed and blood splattered everywhere. Then her fingers and toes fall off, leaving blood everywhere. The girl dies. THE END!

(Sent in by Rachel)

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