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Not so long ago, there was a cursed family. Only the father knew about this curse, as he was the cause of this curse. The reason the family was cursed was that the father had made a deal with the devil. The deal was that the devil would give the father a million dollars, and the devil would be able to use the father’s family for his twisted experiments, as long as he left the father unharmed. Little did the father know that these experiments involved teleporting dead corpses to an opposite dimension.

The devil believed that behind every window in the world, there was a portal to an opposite dimension that would have everything the exact opposite of the world we know today. The devil was so interested in this dimension, because he, the devil would be viewed as the fearless deity of justice, reigning over heaven, while God would be the low down marauder presiding over hell.

The first person the devil decides to try his experiment on is the wife (the devil had decided to experiment on just the father’s family). The wife was walking upstairs to take a shower, when she glances at her reflection in the mirror. She looks away, but the reflection keeps on staring with cold black eyes, like an endless void. The reflection then puts a knife to her throat. The knife is a long, silver, bloodstained thing, with an evil curve. The reflection slits its own throat, and the wife slumps to the ground, dead. But before her body, warm with her own blood hits the ground, the molecules begin to disband, and as every molecule breaks off of the body, they shoot into the mirror, which shows the devil with an evil, malicious grin upon his terrifying face.

The devil’s first subject was a success; he had successfully transported a dead body to his opposite dimension. The husband now knows the price of what he has done. The devil now chooses the only living grandfather to die. The grandfather is a priest at a local church, and he is praying to the holy water. He looks into the holy water, and sees his disfigured reflection in the water. He then begins to feel his own face distort, and his misshapen mouth utters something like a scream, before his dead body fell through the holy water as though it weren’t there.

Next, the devil decides to experiment on the only living grandmother, whose sister-in-law disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the mental hospital. The grandmother is also a nun, and during her praying session, the husband bursts in, begging the nun for help. The nun says she knows how she can help. The two go to the mental hospital, the same mental hospital that the other grandmother had last been sighted. They go to the top floor, and before entering a room, the grandmother warns the father that the room he is about to enter is full of mirrors, and what he will feel will be awful, but he must fight it. He walks into the room, and there is a scream, followed by more screams, and then silence. The nun runs into the room, only to find that the father is in the mirrors. She remembers something though. The children, they are in mortal peril, and she runs out to find them. The son had been playing football, but he had been sucked into his own visor. The grandmother didn’t even waste her time finding the daughter, who had been ice skating. She went back to the room of mirrors, to find the devil reflected all around her, cackling his evil malicious laugh. The nun began to go insane as she began to realize what had happened, and she called upon God to help her, and the mirrors around her began to smash. All around her the devil’s image, with a face contorted with fury began to crack and disappear, and the same thing began to happen to all the mirrors spanning the globe began to smash. The nun knew she had trapped the harbinger of pain and suffering inside his world (by sealing all of the portals), but she had also trapped all of those poor souls who had been killed in the vicinity of a mirror to that awful world forever.

With her face slashed by the mirror fragments, she tottered out of the mental hospital, and into a coffee shop to buy a coffee, but when she tried to read the menu, it was reversed, as though being viewed through a mirror.

(Sent in by Jack)

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