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My name is Courtney and this is my story.

A few years ago my mother and I were going through bins in our garage. I was twelve at the time, and my father was at work. As I was looking around, my eyes fell upon a small elegant box. Once I opened it I saw it held a porcelain doll with a tag that said ‘Melanie’. She had a wind up key in the back, which played music when you turned it. I got her when I was little, and I put her on display in my room.

That night I had a hard time going to sleep. I looked at the clock and it said 3:02. I looked at Melanie, who was nicely positioned in her stand. I got up to get a glass of water and as I walked back up the stairs, I heard music coming from my room, the kind my doll plays, except this time, there was an eerie voice singing along. It was a song of being abused and getting revenge. When I walked in, Melanie was still there, same position. When I fell asleep, I had graphic dreams, all including the song Melanie sang.

My next encounter happened the next week while I was home alone at my desk doing home work. I heard music and then the song of Venges. I turned around and saw Melanie standing a few feet away from me, off of her stand. I was so scared, I called my Mom and she came home. When I told her she thought it was a prank.

I switched rooms so my room became the guest bedroom. We rented it out to a man named Allen. The next morning Allen complained about a song playing when he was to sleep. I knew it was Melanie, but I didn’t say anything. The whole day I was afraid Melanie would come to my room again, but she didn’t.

The next morning Allen didn’t come down for breakfast. My Mom went up to check on him and screamed when she saw him. He was in his bed, covered in blood, next to Melanie. She was singing her song.

I never saw Melanie again, but to this day, I still go to sleep hearing her sing her song.

(Sent in by Courtney)

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