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Mario Game

We all know that Mario is awesome, he is great. Super Mario 64 is fun, some of you might have played it, but it has a dark and a not so dark side, like where you go to that creepy boo mansion.

When I was five years old, I saw a commercial for Super Mario 64, I was so excited, I kept on bugging my Mom to buy it, but she said, “We don’t have enough money and we’d never get the game.”

When I turned fourteen, I saw a yard sale going on. I asked the man running it, “Do you have any Nintendo games?” He did not say anything but he pointed out some games. What I saw was magical. He had ten games, he had seven NES games and three N64 games, but there was one game called ‘Mario game’ and I didn’t know what it meant. The cartridge was used and scratched but I didn’t care, so I just bought the game.

I so was excited, I hooked up my N64 and tried the game, but the screen was static. Then I heard whispers. I raised up the volume and it stopped. I went to my room, turned on the computer and there was file called ‘G4M3’ in the game. I wondered why it was called that, so I opened the file. It had a face of Mario smiling. My computer stopped, so I restarted it and I decided to hack the game and fix it as soon I saw the problem. I went back to the N64, turned on the game and everything was normal. It said ‘Super Mario 64′. I thought it was nice but it stood there for a while and the screen went black. Usually Mario’s face would show up. Finally a face showed up but it was Princess Peaches’ face. Her mouth was open, she had no tongue and only had one eye. I was shocked, so I pressed ‘start’ and I clicked on the file. I was Mario, so Mario was walking to the castle but the castle was bloody. I went inside the castle and saw Toad’s body bloody and laying on the floor dead. For some reason the doors were unlocked. I went to the ocean level instead of water, there was blood, then the game froze. I restarted it and heard a loud scream in the background. I didn’t know what it was, so I turned it on again. It had a demonic voice. I was so scared I didn’t want to touch the game no more, so I ran to the backyard, got the game and smashed it with a sledge hammer. When I returned inside, Mario’s face was on the screen smiling at me with a demonic face like no other. It was so disturbing, I wanted to move away. I begged my Mom but she said no. I’ve tried ever since to forget that ‘Mario Game’.

(Sent in by Gabe)

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