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Lucky escape?

An absolutely true story… 26 years ago, aged 14, myself and two friends, Dave and Ade would dare each other to walk through the local woods separately, to see who could get to the graveyard on the other side first. This was a walk of approximately 20 minutes. I chose my path and started to walk, then heard either Dave or Ade walking parallel to me, but away from the path. It comforted me a little, because it was scary walking through the woods and being the only girl of the group, I was probably more scared than the boys but didn’t want to show them that! So I carried on, preparing to sprint towards the end so I could beat whichever of them it was. I got near the rear of the churchyard and laughing, I ran, knowing I was definitely going to beat them now… then I saw Dave and Ade leaning against the wall at the far end of the churchyard. Whoever had been following me in the dark lonely woods, just stopped and watched me run screaming towards my friends. Lucky escape?

(Sent in by Lycan Thorpe)

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  1. Wow, kinda hard to beleive, jk loved it!

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