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Lick me once, twice, three times

Once a girl heard in the news that there was a murder. That night when it was time to go to sleep, she told her dog to lick her once if the murderer is around the neighbourhood. Lick her twice if he is around her house. Lick her three times if he is in her house. So then the dog came and licked her once, so she was like o.k. he’s just around the neighbourhood. Then the dog came and licked her two times. She started to get a little freaked out. Then the dog came and licked three times. Then the girl was really scared by now. She got up from her bed and went to her parents room. There she found her parents dead with their heads cut off hanging from the ceiling. She went into the bathroom and saw her dog’s head hanging from the ceilling. There in the mirror was a message written in blood saying, “Murderers can lick too…”

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