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Liar, liar

Not long ago there was a girl named Alice, who had a brother named James, who was two years older then her at 18 years old.

Alice got a text on her phone one evening that was from an blocked number. The text asked, “Do you believe in Demons?” She thought it was from her brother, so she sent a text back saying, “Yes” to amuse him.

That night she went to sleep and was awoken by the sound of a door slamming shut from upstairs. Because she was home alone with her brother, she assumed it was him until she heard the sound of a mirror fall from a wall with a loud crash.

She went to her brother’s room the next morning and saw that he was gone, so she went upstairs and checked the rooms.

She came to a room at the end of the hall and saw long claw marks along the hallway walls leading to a cracked open door.

Inside the room, to her shock, was her brother that lay impaled with a sword with shards of glass in his eyes, throat and his entire body. On the wall, in his blood, was a message to her saying, “LIAR, LIAR, WHAT A SHAME, I HAD FUN, LETS PLAY AGAIN. YOU LIED TO ME, NOW PAY THE PRICE, AND WATCH THEM BLEED EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. THIS WOULDN’T HAVE HAD TO BE SUCH A SAD SIGHT, IF YOU WEREN’T A LIAR, LIAR, NOW PAY THE PRICE.”

(Sent in by Kahleah)

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