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Lady walking to Maricopa

It was like 1981, we were driving around the Rez, it’s dark winter and we are driving along a ditch bank in Goodyear GRIC, going towards Maricopa. An old woman dressed in a wool like dress is walking, so we pick her up. She’s going to Maricopa too. She said she smelled bad to us as we drove along, but we didn’t say anything about it out loud. She asked our names and told us hers. We was like almost a mile from where we picked her up when I looked back to say something and she was gone. We hit the brakes, backed up, nothing. We could still smell her. We drove back and forth, nothing. Forget Maricopa, we turned and went home. We told momma, she said who? We told her the name again, she said: “She was ran over on that ditch bank 10 years ago on her way to the bar in Maricopa.” The worst part is we was in a 2 door car and we could still smell her for days… this is true, if you want, try going to Maricopa on a cold winter night on the Goodyear ditch bank…

(Sent in by Juliana)

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