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La llorona (The Weeping Woman)

This is a story my mom once told me. I was little, so I might get some details wrong but I can still sorta remember it. Here it goes…

One time, in a town in Mexico, there lived a beautiful woman. One day she fell in love with a man. They had three children which they loved very much. But soon that all changed. Each day when the man came home from work, he greeted his children with a big hug but didn’t pay much attention to his wife. She became a little jealous. This kept on going for a while until the wife couldn’t stand it anymore. So one night, when her husband was fast asleep, she grabbed her slumbering children, put gags around their mouths, and put them in a large sack. Then she went to a river not far from her home. She put the sack in rushing water, pushed it down with all her strength until her kids drowned. Suddenly, she realized the insane act she had done, and she started crying. She couldn’t stand that she had murdered her poor children. So without thinking she threw herself into the water and drowned too. When the husband woke up early the next morning he found that his family was gone. The entire town searched for the four missing people. But they were never found. Then the next night, some lost fishermen heard this cry coming from the direction of the river: “Where are my children! Where are my children!” Then, they spotted a ghost headed towards them. Seeing this, they ran and ran until they finally saw the small town. A bunch of townspeople gathered around and asked what had happened. The fishermen explained what they had experienced but of course, no one believed a single word. To this day, legend says that La llorona or, the weeping woman as she is called in English roams all Mexico and if children go out into the woods alone at night, La llorona will grab them and keep them with her forever. So if you haven’t reached 13 and you decide to visit, beware!

(Sent in by Geovanny)

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  1. i herd of that when i was i kid too

  2. Yeah, but there is a creepier version that gave me nightmares till I turned 13 0_o my granny told me 🙁 but I love this story

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