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Knock three times

One Halloween about three years ago there were two teens going to a party. On the way there they ran out of gas. The boy said there’s a gas station one mile up ahead, so he told the girl to hide under a blanket in the back seat because they were surrounded by woods on both sides. She said, “How will I know it’s you when you return?” He said, “I’ll knock three times.” So after he left she turned on the radio. It said that there was a killer on the loose in that part of town. About five minutes later there was a knock on the door, she thought, “Please don’t let him be playing a trick on me!” The same thing happened two more times, each two minutes apart. Finally there were three taps on the door. She slowly got out and felt a drop on her. She thought it was just rain, but then she looked up, there was her dead boyfriend hanging by the skin of his neck.

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