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Just run and don’t look back!

Anny was walking down the street from her good friends house. It was late at night and as she looked up at the moon, and it was in a crescent shape, it was very dark out. She always did have a slight fear of the dark. She was thinking about the boy that was at her friend’s house. She couldn’t stop after all she did think he is absolutely gorgeous. She faced her fear of the dark by keeping her mind occupied with the thought of his shaggy dark brown hair and big moist lips. Then she remembered the story that her friend told her and she could feel the goosebumps slowly creep over her arms and as a matter of fact her whole body.

She was only 15 and she was very scared. The story was about a young girl around the same age as her, who got murdered about two years ago. The cops had a long investigation on who killed her, and about six months ago, they finally gave up. She could hear the wind blowing the crisp golden leaves on the big maple tree beside her. She thought she heard a voice say, “I’m sorry” but she convinced herself it was nothing. After about walking down the road for about five minutes or so, she heard the voice again slowly say, “I’m sorry” but this time it just sounded so real, she couldn’t help but to think it was the girl in the story.

She was now walking down the road with more speed yet more caution with every step that she took. She heard the voice getting louder from a whisper now to the point of a yell. She stopped dead in her tracks. She could see the silhouette of a young girl. She was at the point where she was so scared she couldn’t even scream.

The girl came closer and Anny was frozen with fright. The ghost girl came within arm length when she said, “Do not be afraid I do not want to harm you, I just want to warn you!” She didn’t know what to think. She slowly saw the girl fade away. She thought to herself, “Why would she want to warn me?” She thought long and hard but still nothing seemed to come to her mind of what she could have meant. She tried to calm herself down because you can’t think clearly when you just encountered something as scary as what she had just gone through.

She heard the voice again and she said, “Don’t question me, just run and don’t look back!” She didn’t listen and she turned around and saw a man holding a crowbar. She now knew that it was either run or die. She now started to run fast not trying to pace herself because she had no time. She was only about 2 miles or so from her house but still if she screamed no one would hear her. She saw the man get closer and closer only about 10 feet away. She was unsure why he was so fast.

He tried to swing the crowbar at her but he was just a little too far back. He gained speed and hit Anny right in the head and knocked her out. She woke up and saw the shadow of the man from behind of a rusty old truck. It looked as if he was getting something from the back of it but she was drowsy and unsure. She was right, she saw him get out the crowbar. She tried to get up but as she looked down she was tied to a tree.

She wondered to herself why didn’t he already kill her. In a way she hoped that he did because it would be easier and there would be no pain. She knew that she would not live through this.

She heard him coming and so she closed her eyes to make him think she was still knocked out. He came up and hit her in the face with the crowbar and made her “wake up”. He grabbed her by the throat and said, “Bet you wish you wouldn’t have met me?” She thought, “Oh my god, it is Ben from the party! Why would he want to kill me?” As if he knew what she was thinking he said, “You have to die because you know too much. You know I killed that girl!” She really didn’t know but now she does and it was too late. He said, “I’m sorry I really did like you but i have to kill you.” She asked, “Why did you kill the other girl?” He said, “The same reason I am going to kill you.” She said, “Before I die what were the last word the girl said?” He slowly responded like he had forgotten and he responded, “I’m sorry.” That is why she said sorry louder and louder. Those just so happened to be the last words Anny said also.

She died and became a ghost and did the same thing all the other people’s spirits did because he ended up killing eight people in all before the police found out it was him. They found out by a 24 year old running faster than him and calling 911 before he caught her. He was sentenced to death and his spirit haunts people still to this day.

(Sent in by Lindsay Paugh)

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